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A/S Service Guide

A/S Processing Time

When receiving A/S through parcel delivery, BANG Golf Korea processes in order as follows:
registering the day after a club arrives at the head office → processing A/S → making parcel delivery (except for holidays and Sundays).

Delivery Process

All A/S works are handled directly by the head office of BANG Golf Korea.
When repair is conducted at other fitting shops or the serial number is lost, A/S is not applicable regardless of the warranty period.

BANG Golf A/S regulations

Product part Condition of product Within Warranty Period Expired Warranty Period
head Cracked-face, Dented-face Free of Charge In Charge
Scratch In Charge
shaft Shaft damage Free of charge
(If shaft is damaged within 3cm from the hosel)
In charge
In charge (If shaft is damaged more than 3cm away from the hosel)
Grip Damaged In charge In charge
Installation Installed not properly Free of charge Free of charge

Warranty period and repair policy by products

Model Within Warranty period Replacement (Head) Replacement (Shaft)
Longdistance 470 DRIVER (Yellow) 1 Year 2 times free 1 time free
Longdistance WOOD · Hybrid IRON (Yellow)
Light PLUS DRIVER (Blue/Pink)
Light PLUS WOOD · Hybrid IRON (Blue/Pink)
Light PREMIUM DRIVER (Red/ Wine) 2 Years 3 times free 1 time free
Light EMPEROR I DRIVER (Gold) 3 Years 4 times free 2 times free
  • You can get customer service when the official Bang Golf Korea logo and hologram is present on the shaft, otherwise the club may be fake or unauthentic
  • Start your repair at our authorized retail store or head office for technical support(1544-8070)
  • For more information, please visit our website at

Warranty policy guide

Warranty policy
  • You must return the damaged parts to get a repair
  • Replacement of parts will not extend the warranty period, Even if you paid for the repair
  • Secure parts for five years from the date of manufacture
  • Rental clubs and sponsored clubs are not included
Out of warranty
  • Damaged due to customer’s fault and need to repair
  • Damaged from natural disaster and need to repair
  • When repair is done at unauthorized retail store
  • Damage occur during storage
  • Damaged due to other than use of product
  • If a prize club is being used without getting fitting service from Bang-Golf


  • Loft is determined depending on high or low level of trajectory, and head strength is set according to swing power.
  • All high COR clubs possess a danger of damage due to thin thickness.
    • There is a strong head with no risk of damage, which has higher COR than any other high COR clubs to consider when selecting a head based on the analysis data. However, if you want to get more carry distance, there are ultra-high COR heads with a risk of damage for each stage.
    • There is a 2-3yd of difference in carry distance depending on the head strength for each stage.
    • Head damage is caused by a blow due to the swing power exceeding the recommended head strength, hitting at an angle, hard and frozen golf balls, balls with foreign substances, or heavy balls.
    • We are the only company in the same industry that provides free A/S for high COR heads within the warranty period for 2-4 times according to our A/S regulation.
    • When the heads are damaged after the warranty period, the cost will be charged.
    • If there is no objection regarding the selection of the head, it will be fitted according to the analysis data.
    • Exchange of head is charged unless the head is damaged (crack, dent) regardless of the warranty period.


  • Provide fitting service in various ways, such as optimal length of the shafts, swing weight, and total weight of the club for golfers
    • Shaft Replacement Program
      Shaft replacement applies only to the original purchaser within one year from the date of purchase at no cost (1 time only). 단, 구매 후 30일 이상 적응기간이 지난 후 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.
      (클럽의 최초 구매 사용자에게만 적용되며, 기존에 사용하던 샤프트가 고객의 귀책사유로 파손이 되었을 시는 유상교환 입니다.)
    • 리샤프트 서비스를 받지 않은 경우라도 보증기간 이후의 사프트 교환은 유상입니다.

Cautions and Things to Know When Using the Club

  • When you get used to using a club in the recommended spec after certain periods of time, you can achieve up to 50yd of carry distance and direction.
  • If you have any objection to determining the club spec, give us your opinion. Product delivery or acceptance is regarded as the consent and decision of the customer for the final selection and acceptance of the spec. The responsible professional golfer gives advice on the best spec based on the analysis data.
  • The A/S expenses claimed for the head or shaft is 50% of the actual sales price for parts.
  • If free A/S product is delivered by courier, the delivery cost is borne by the consumer.


  • BANG golf clubs come in different head strengths that are unique by individuals. The clubs are customized among millions of specifications such as 120 types of head weight, shaft strength, length, swing weight, and club after consulting with first time buyers. Therefore, those who purchase or take over the used club cannot receive free A/S for the head and shaft even within the warranty period.
  • Cost will be charged if the damage is attributable to the consumer (intentional or careless).

BANG Golf A/S center

A/S center
T) 1544-8070
Office hours
  • 09:00am-18:00pm on Mondays to Saturdays (Holidays).
  • Closed on Sundays.
  • 1F, Korea Golf Building, 26 Yatap-Ro, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Cautions for Delivery

  • When sending products, put them in a package box to prevent damage to the club.
  • If you need to consult with a professional fitter when sending products, write down brief consultation details and contact information along with the club.