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Greetings from CEO

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BANG is a golf club that is on a whole different level.
Golf Korea Co., Ltd. is changing the history of golf clubs with its unparalleled technology.

GOLF KOREA CO., LTD CEO Lee, Hyung-gyu

Golf Korea is a company that manufactures and distributes clubs and gear under the brand name of BANG, which is a high-end brand, and boasts the world's best coefficient of restitution (COR) technology and the world's lightest and most expensive club.

All BANG golf clubs are made with unique technology, which allow people who have a short carry distance to easily send the ball farther.

Golf Korea has succeeded in achieving up to 0.925-0.962 of coefficient of restitution (COR) after long research and development, which is applied to all heads of wood and hybrid iron as well as drivers. We have developed the world's lightest driver with only 205g in weight to allow anyone to swing easily. In addition, we have succeeded in developing shafts with ultra-high elasticity with 36 levels of shaft strength.

We have a total of 999,000 specifications by combining a variety of options such as 120 types of club weight and 36 levels of shaft strength, produce a customized and optimal club for BANG Golf customers like famous world’s top professional golfers have by utilizing the start-of-the-art analytical data.

Golf Korea has set its vision to become a midsize company in 2025, ranked as No. 1 in sales in the industry, nurture the talented and treat them similar to what top large companies do, and become a social contribution company.
We are committed to becoming the first name people look for anytime, anywhere whenever they want to take pleasure from golf.
Golf Korea and its members promote win-win development with our business partners, and ultimately pursue to make happy world through golf.

Thank you.